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Vintage Romance

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
There is something romantic about the idea of a vintage dress … You can find vintage dresses that look contemporary as buying a new dress. But the first thing to consider is your figure-type. If the dress is not flattering on you, then it should not be considered. Consider your shape – do you have a boyish figure or an hourglass figure? These factors transcend any era of dress, it needs to fit YOUR shape. Even if you feel the dress does not fit well but it is a good deal, alterations can be pricey and your dress costs add up quickly. If you do find your vintage dress of your dreams, be ready to purchase it that moment. You can not waver. A vintage dress means that there is not another gown in inventory in the back. Once this gown is gone, there is not another dress like it to purchase. If you do wear a vintage dress on your special day, your accessories, hair and make-up should be incredibly modern. If your dress looks vintage, you have to play against it in your styling. You do not want to look like you are having a Renaissance themed wedding. Have fun finding your special vintage dress!

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