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Recycled Craft – Smart Pillow

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Got some tired-looking bed throw pillows and a shirt that has seen better days?  Why not use the shirt to dress up your bed?

You will need – shirt, iron, round pillow form or batting, pen, needle and thread.


1)  Place pillow form on an ironed, buttoned shirt.  (If you are using batting as filler, use a round pizza pan to get a nice circle.)  Trace the shape with a pen and cut the fabric 1/2 inch outside your line.

2)  With the outer panels facing each other (right side facing each other), stitch all the way around the edge – about 1/2″ inside the fabric edge.

3)  Turn right-side out and unbutton to insert your pillow form or stuff with batting.  Then button back up.

Your new pillowcase can be machine washed using the gentle cycle.

Now that is a ‘Smart’ Looking Pillow!

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