is a recycled, eco friendly wedding dress business.
We are a company for the modern 'green' bride.

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The Steps for Ordering a Recycled, Eco-Friendly Gown:

Step 1
  1. Contact us at Seamless Transitions to let us know about your eco dream dress. Fill out the following information to help us understand your vision. E-mail Seamless Transitions any pictures, magazine tears or drawings which would help explain your vision. If you are not sure about your details, we can help create a vision as we work together in the design process. If you have a dress which you would like updated / re-designed, please also enclose photos of this dress. If you do not have a dress to be re-designed; Seamless Transitions will find a dress for you. Seamless Transitions finds vintage, unused and or gently used gowns which can be re-designed into an eco modern, stylish wedding dress. Our company is about reducing, reusing and recycling apparel and textiles. We are constantly searching for resources to create your unique recycled wedding dress.
Step 2
  1. The following is the information we need in order to answer your questions as well as help with the design process.
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  12. Do you have a dress which you would like Seamless Transitions to update / re-design?
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Step 3
  1. Design Stage - One of our designers will contact you directly to discuss your vision. It is best to visit a local bridal shop to try on some of your favorite styles to see how these styles look on your body. Trying on dresses will help you narrow your selections. There is a $100 non-refundable design fee. This payment will be applied to the final cost of the gown. The fee will need to be received before any design work is started.
Step 4
  1. Complete the measurements chart below. Your measurements SHOULD be taken by a professional or someone who knows how to take your measurements. If you need help measuring, please download the ‘How to Measure’ chart for help (click here for chart).
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Step 5
  1. A design will be created based on the information above as well as discussions with you. A sketch will be submitted to you for approval. Once the design is approved, a cost estimate can be completed.
Step 6
  1. Production completion date will be determined based on the dress design as well as material availability. If you are having a dress re-designed, this dress will need to be received by Seamless Transitions. Please read and sign the Terms of Sale Agreement and Release form and submit with 50% payment (click here for form). Once payment and forms are received, the production process for your eco Seamless Transitions dress will begin.
Step 7
  1. Once production of your custom dress is completed; we will send you an e-mail notification so the final payment (remaining 50%) can be submitted. Once the final payment is received, your eco-friendly custom dress will be shipped. The tracking number will be emailed so you can check status of your shipment.