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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

After you tie the knot, now how do you make your home with your husband feel comfortable and eco-friendly without spending tons of money?   Thrifty environmentalists listen up… Try this idea to decorate frugally:

-Reuse your old wine bottles.  Don’t just throw them away, wine bottles are often really pretty pieces that deserve to be put to good use. Besides using them as vases, how about using the bottle as candle holder and let the candle wax drip down the sides giving it an authentic old world look?  Try removing the labels and using them as a menu board for dinner guests (use silver or gold permanent markers).  Take the time to paint guests names on each bottle and use the bottle as a table name holder as well as a gift for your guest to take home.  Group a bunch of bottles together and spell out ‘H-O-M-E’ or ‘L-A-U-G-H’ (one letter per bottle) and place on a table or sideboard decoration.  I have even seen people make water fountains using old wine bottles!  Your home will be filled with creative touches and you will help the environment as well.  Have fun – reduce, reuse and recycle!!


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